NYPIRG Critical Issues

Voter Mobilization & Voting Rights

18-24 year-olds have the lowest voter turnout rates of any age group in the country. NYPIRG works to raise the volume of the student voice in local, state, and national elections. Get active with NYPIRG’s non-partisan Voter Mobilization and Voting Rights Project this fall to help register students to vote, protect student voting rights, and turn out student voters to the polls.

Higher Education Funding

Dramatic cuts in public funding, along with skyrocketing tuition and other costs associated with getting a college degree over the past several years, have threatened access to affordable, quality higher education and contributed to rising student loan debt. Join NYPIRG’s Higher Education Project to support making public college tuition more affordable, increasing funding for SUNY, CUNY and independent colleges, lowering student loan interest rates, and expanding financial aid and opportunity programs.

Hunger & Homeless Outreach

Homelessness and food insecurity are growing problems in New York State and across the country. More and more people are struggling to afford basic necessities, and emergency programs are having difficulty meeting increased demands. Volunteer with NYPIRG’s Hunger and Homelessness Prevention Project and partner with local organizations to provide direct assistance to New Yorkers in need through collection drives, direct service projects, and community education efforts.


The planet is heating up, and that temperature rise is accelerating. There is no longer a credible debate about climate change — it is the most pressing environmental, public health, economic, and social justice issue facing our planet. Take action with NYPIRG’s Environmental Project to help New York move toward a clean, renewable energy future — supporting efforts that shift us away from fossil fuel use and infrastructure and toward wind and other renewables.

NYC Mass Transit

Students rely on New York City’s subway and buses to get to and from school, work, and home. For 40 years, NYPIRG’s Straphangers Campaign has worked with students to promote safe, reliable, and affordable mass transit. Get involved this semester and fight for half-priced fares for low-income New Yorkers, better bus service, and improvements to transit infrastructure.

Consumer Protection

Consumers have the right to be safe from dangerous products and services, get the information they need to make informed decisions, shop in an open and fair marketplace, and have access to the judicial system in the event that they are wronged. Sign up for NYPIRG’s Consumer Protection Project to: become a counselor for New Yorkers using the small claims court system; research and report on pro-consumer policies such as toy safety; promote financial justice for all New Yorkers; and learn important tips when shopping for student loans, renting an apartment, or signing up for a credit card.