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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is taking comments from the public on the Article 19 State Air Facility application that was submitted for the Iroquois Compressor Enhancement Project, Iroquois Gas Transmission System’s plan to expand the gas compressor stations in Dover and Athens, NY.

As the primary guardian of  New York’s pathbreaking Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act (the "Climate Law"), the DEC must be aggressively vigilant. Submit your comment to oppose this project today!

*Please email your comments to DEPEnergy@dec.ny.gov by the February 22 deadline.

Thank you for your help!


It was 40 years ago that the highly effective New York State Returnable Container Act, commonly known as the "Bottle Bill," went into effect. 2023 is the time for it to be expanded and modernized! It is now essential that the governor hear from New Yorkers about the state’s continuing solid waste crisis. NYPIRG just launched a petition to demand action on recycling, so PLEASE SIGN TODAY!

The Bigger Better Bottle Bill was recently introduced in the New York State Legislature. This critical bill will increase recycling, reduce solid waste, and boost recycling accessibility. We are calling on the governor to prioritize it in the upcoming Executive Budget.

The state's solid waste crisis is at a critical level and recycling, reuse, and reduction rates must improve or else landfills will fill past capacity and incinerators will continue to spew toxic waste by burning garbage, often into environmental justice communities.

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Sign the petition to the governor today.

Reducing the amount of plastic waste – and waste in general – is a critical way to avoid "doomsday" environmental scenarios. The bill (A.10184/S.9164) to modernize and expand the Bottle Bill will do three main things:

  1. Expand the Bottle Bill to include wine, spirits, hard cider, and most non-carbonated beverages. A deposit system can dramatically reduce litter and solid waste that would otherwise be discarded. Many other states have already added these containers to their laws.
  2. Increase the deposit from 5 cents to 10 cents and use revenues to support recycling equity. States with higher deposit fees have higher redemption rates. Increasing the deposit could also generate more revenues for the state, with those additional funds being used to address limits on redemption options in low-income communities and other litter and solid waste problems.
  3. Boost accessibility. Enforcement of the law is spotty. The update can boost enforcement and expand redemption centers in "food deserts" that limit consumers' ability to redeem their deposits.


When: 12 to 6 PM on 3/2
Where: Virtual (Zoom) on 3/2

Join the New York Waste Reduction Coalition for a virtual advocacy day to advance the Bigger Better Bottle Bill and the Packaging Reduction and Recycling Act!

We already held a fantastic in-person advocacy day at the New York State Capitol on February 15. 

Sign up today to be matched with an advocacy meeting with either your state legislators or others elected officials from your geographic region. Each meeting will have team leaders.

Beyond Plastics will reach out to you to confirm your March 2 virtual advocacy day meeting and provide further details, including the virtual meeting link.


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