Student Board of Directors

NYPIRG’s Board of Directors is made up entirely of students from our college campus chapters. Board representatives are elected each year in campus-wide elections. For questions, or to reach out to any members of the Board, please email staff liaison to the board, Farouk Abdallah at
Matthew Ahrens (NYC College of Technology)
Damien Andrade (Brooklyn College)
Elee Ballinger (Hunter College)
Daniel Bayer (College of Staten Island)
Zanayah Brown (Queensborough Community College)
Cadell Canzius (Bronx Community College)
Kayla Cleary-Ariza (SUNY New Paltz)
Nick Davydoff (Brooklyn College)
Eliza Edgar (Pratt Institute)
Liza Estony (Purchase College)
Kaylee Evans (SUNY Cortland)
Marihana Heloany Reis (Purchase College)
Daphnie Illescas (Hunter College)
Alexander Jackson (SUNY Cortland)
Chloe Jules (Queens College)
Koen Kaschock-Marenda (Syracuse University & SUNY ESF)
Fuhad Khan (City College of NY)
Lina-Marie Kirchner (College of Staten Island)
Viviene Knouse-Frenzer (SUNY New Paltz)
Brandon LaFontaine (Hunter College)
Erin Mann (Syracuse University & SUNY ESF)
Sofia Mariyamis (Brooklyn College)
Norm Miller (NYC College of Technology)
Sage Moccia (City College of NY)
Matthew Paolucci (Queens College)
Claire Parker (Pratt Institute)
Samantha Sanchez (Borough of Manhattan Community College)
Yanni Stathopoulos (Queens College)
Samantha Ventura (Bronx Community College)
Eli Wedderburn (Borough of Manhattan Community College)
Zin Yadana (Borough of Manhattan Community College)
Monica Yakubova (Queens College)
Helen Zambrano (Brooklyn College)