Student Board of Directors

NYPIRG’s Board of Directors is made up entirely of students from our college campus chapters. Board representatives are elected each year in campus-wide elections. For questions, or to reach out to any members of the Board, please email or visit your local NYPIRG chapter.
Yerania Aguilar (Queens College)
Santana Alvarado (Chairperson) (Hunter College)
Ashley Arancibia (Hunter College)
Jennifer Bae (City College of New York)
Jana Bergere (SUNY New Paltz)
Mahai Burks (Buffalo State College)
Lenny Cabaral (City College of New York)
Carter Clark (Nassau Community College)
Arean Diaz (Brooklyn College)
Ceianna Farquharson (Buffalo State College)
Gustavo Febles (Executive Committee) (Hunter College)
Lucy Harwood (Suny Cortland)
Ariana Hernandez (College of Staten Island)
Latasha-Nicole Isaac (New York City College of Technology)
Ajani Jamieso (Borough of Manhattan Community College)
Deja Johnson (Executive Committee) (Borough of Manhattan Community College)
Gigi Nieson (Pratt Institute)
Ephraim Ozabor (Syracuse University)
Juvanie Piquant (New York City College of Technology)
Muhammad Rahman (Brooklyn College)
Ramsha Rana (College of Staten Island)
Christine Randolphe (Queensborough Community College)
Keith Redzinak (Brooklyn College)
Daniel Reischer (Suny Cortland)
Howard Robinson (Queensborough Community College)
Oscar Salazar (Executive Committee) (SUNY Purchase)
Tal Schwerd (SUNY New Paltz)
Christy Suquitana (Queens College)
Anthony Vancol (Queensborough Community College)
Yasmeen Vargas (SUNY Purchase)
Gizelle Vidal (Syracuse University)
Kimberly Wyllie (Queens College)
Rob Zentgraf (Vice Chairperson) (Pratt Institute)
Jacky Zhao (College of Staten Island)
Zulaima Zubair (Borough of Manhattan Community College)