Ayo Johnson, Queens College

I am a 4th year computer science major at Queens College. I am 21 years old and work full time at JFK airport. I am also in school full time and commute from Canarsie, Brooklyn. Even though it is taking me a year longer to graduate and I have sacrificed extra time just commuting, Queens has a strong computer program.
Thankfully, I live with my parents but the space is tight and the prospects of me ever moving out are dim. Work study would help me tremendously, as would SNAP. My 3 siblings get just what they need but the future is always scary. The pressure is on for me to move out but it just isn’t possible.
It is a hard choice to either give up my full time job or work part time on campus and help pay for school. Most of my money goes to transportation and food. School supplies are actually a large percentage since I pay for computer programs and equipment. I’m just trying to save as much money as possible and one day work for a tech company.