Maddy Soanes, SUNY New Paltz


I am a Political Science major and Sociology minor at SUNY New Paltz. I am a first year student with sophomore standing. I was awarded the SUNY New Paltz Presidential Scholarship, which helps with my tuition, however, my family does not qualify for any state financial aid, so the full burden of paying for my education falls on my family. After graduating from New Paltz, I hope to go on to attend law school, for which I will be fully financially responsible. I aspire to one day work for an international advocacy group.

We need fully funded SUNY and CUNY because there are people who struggle to cover their everyday expenses, and are not even able to think about affording higher education. We need fully funded SUNY and CUNY because of the current importance of having a degree; it is almost impossible to get a decent job without at least a Bachelor’s degree. SUNY is necessary for people who hope to create a better future for themselves without having to be thousands of dollars in debt.