Shaneya Simmelkjaer , SUNY Cortland

My name is Shaneya and I’m from the Bronx. I am currently a Senior triple majoring in Criminology, Political Science & Africana Studies. In my free time I love to do things like dance, read and listen to music. When I decided to go to SUNY Cortland, I honestly wanted to go because they had my majors and I liked the campus and the tuition was somewhat in the price range. My plans for after college would be to go to grad school for criminal justice and after go to a PhD program.

I’ve paid for school through a mixture of student loans and scholarships and out of pocket money. Rent was paid by refund checks and food is paid with food stamps and cabs for transportation. It was hard before I got scholarships; I had to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket. I currently have a work study with the professional studies building on campus as a clerk, but am only offered 10 hours a week. As the Pandemic hit, it was especially hard because work slowed down a lot of ways to make an income.