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Franky Aviles, Purchase College

I pay for school personally. I actually get short term loans to try to help my credit.  So there’s interest, which is currently at 11%, that I’m paying through VISA, and this is at a monthly rate.  I take out over $5000 a year, and I pay that off monthly.

I work anywhere from 32-42 hours a week. I drive back and forth and my money is going to gas. I’m paying for textbooks on top of paying for loans. I also pay rent, and my cellphone bill.  In order for me to have a car, because we just can’t afford cars like that, I had to take out another loan and buy a car, a used car and I pay that off monthly too. Everything just kind of adds up to a point where I’m literally just working check to check at this point.

Toni Yancey, SUNY Cortland

As a senior in high school, I did not think college would ever be in my grasp. Most of my family did not go to college so I thought I would not either. I was unsure how I would pay for my higher education.  Thankfully, my high school had a terrific career program that provided the necessary tools to make my college dreams a possibility.  I applied to SUNY Cortland through their Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and was admitted. I am grateful to have come across this program. They helped me prepare for college socially and economically, as well as help me prepare in terms of academics.  I receive financial aid in order to help pay for school, however a majority of the additional costs are placed on my shoulders. Aside for paying for tuition, I front the cost of other expenses such as food, social activities, toiletries, textbooks and other school supplies. The list can go on forever, As an off-campus resident, I must also pay rent. I am taking eighteen credits and also working two jobs to help me with the cost of living.

I am studying sociology and professional writing and planning on attending graduate school. I am an aspiring counselor and believe that the investment for a postgraduate degree will increase my chances of employment, and ultimately allow me to pay off loans more efficiently.