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Stephanie Almodovar, City College of NY

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My name is Stephanie Almodovar and I am a freshman at CUNY City College. I am currently looking to go into Civil Engineering. Right now, I work as a group leader at a local YMCA and this job allows me to save a little for school. Unfortunately, I do not receive Pell Grants and I do not qualify for the Excelsior Scholarship because my mother’s income is just above the cut off level. Often times I struggle with paying tuition and buying the necessary textbooks for school.

I do not qualify for work-study so most weeks I have to choose between saving money towards school or buying lunch. I usually only eat lunch 2-3 times a week but sometimes that’s too much because buying snacks will deplete my savings and I would not be able to eat for the rest of that week. Thankfully, with the help of outside scholarships, I am now able to pay tuition without worry. However, at any time, that could change. I try my hardest to not let these troubles overcome my college experience but sometimes it all becomes too much. In all honesty, I dream of tuition-free CUNY so that one day I will no longer have to worry about paying for school and just enjoy learning.

Tom, SUNY New Paltz

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I have private loans and some scholarships that I receive. Mainly, I’ve struggled with keeping up with my bills. The only real struggle right now is my car insurance. It goes up as I get older, as a man. My scholarships cover textbook costs, although sometimes I have to spend extra to get online software. So, I have to pay out of pocket for that — usually like $40.

When I was in community college, my car broke down on my way to school and I had to pay $6,000 out of pocket to get my transmission fixed. It kind of broke me. It just stressed me out all the time because I had to work so hard to afford that while going to school.