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Mathew DePeña, Borough of Manhattan Community College

I am a veteran who served in the United States Air Force for 4 years active duty and 1 year Air National Guard for New Jersey. With the completion of my contract, I received funding for education through the 9/11 GI Bill. This bill pays for 48 months of school, including tuition and part of my cost of living.  I pay for my monthly metrocard, New Jersey transit monthly pass, textbooks, food and rent out of pocket.

Because my textbooks are all at least $200 each, I’ve chosen not to buy any of them this semester.  I just go to library.  If I want to do any reading or studying I have to go to the library and can’t take the book home.   As for the rest of these costs, if they were covered I could use the money I make toward investing in my future career instead of just getting by month to month.  I’ve started a record label but I can’t invest in it the way that I want.  This is stalling my career aspirations.  I really want this microphone that Michael Jackson used in all of his records and that one of my favorite rappers, Logic, is using.  But it’s $400 — which is the price of my metrocard and NJ transit monthly tickets combined.  I’m also trying to buy a house, which would be expedited if I didn’t have all of these costs.